Typical Table Setting

All our crockery is vitrified hotel ware, which is delicate enough to grace the finest of tables, yet is strong enough to endure the occasional knock.

You can choose from contemporary restaurant style china or the more traditional settings.

Every piece of crockery we supply is clean, sterilised, bagged and sealed to ensure it is ready for immediate use, without the need for any further handling.

All items for delivery or collection are also packed caringly in our own crates to help you sort and safely store them upon arrival.

Crockery Items Picture Quantity Price
12' Plate 12 inch plate 10 £3.50
12' Plate Black 12 inch plate black 1 £1.50
White Rectangle Plate (12' x 24') white rectangular plate 1 75p
12' Pasta Bowl 12 inch pasta bowl 10 £3.50
10' Plate 10 inch plate 10 £2.50
8' Plate 8 inch plate 10 £2.50
6' Plate 6 inch plate 10 £2.50
Dessert / Soup Bowl dessert / soup bowl 10 £2.20
Bowl Food Dish
(Round or Square)
round food bowlsquare food bowl 1 60p
Butter Dish butter dish 1 60p
Milk Jug milk jug 1 60p
Sugar Bowl sugar bowl 1 60p
Cruet Sets cruet sets 1 60p
Ramekin Dish ramekin dish 1 30p
Cup and Saucer cup and saucer 10 £5.00
Oatmeal Bowl oatmeal bowl 10 £2.50
Demi-tasse Cup demi-tasse cup 10 £2.50
Demi-tasse Saucer demi-tasse saucer 10 £2.50