Typical Table Setting

Our glassware will make any table setting sparkle.

We supply every glass individually cleaned, polished and packed in our own high quality plastic crates to ensure the highest level of quality, safety, hygiene and cleanliness.

The use of our own crates also makes the glassware easy to store, use and unpack, and also to return it safely to us.

Glassware Items Picture Quantity Price
Michael Angelo Crystal
White Wine
micheal angelo crystal white wine 28 £14.00
Michael Angelo Crystal
Red Wine
micheal angelo red wine 24 £12.00
Michael Angelo
Champagne Flute
micheal angelo champagne flute 40 £20.00
Savoie Wine Glass
White Wine 6oz
savoie white wine glass 6oz 28 £7.00
Savoie Wine Glass
Red Wine 8oz
savoie red wine glass 8oz 24 £6.00
Savoie Champagne Glass savoie champagne glass 24 £10.00
Slim Jim 10oz slim jim 10oz 40 £10.00
Nonic GS pt nonic gs pt 24 £6.00
Brandy brandy 24 £6.00
Single Shot Glass single shot glass 40 £10.00
Double Shot Glass double shot glass 4 £10.00
Jug 1ltr jug 1ltr 1 £1.95
Jug 2ltr jug 2ltr 1 £2.50